Thursday, June 29, 2017


I get how this dynamic unfolds in a typical workplace (or family). The boss (father) is an asshole, a tyrant, everyone jockeys to curry favor and avoid the wrath of daddy, selling out each other if necessary, complaining to friends over drinks.

But this show is on teevee all day every day. Also, too, it matters? Like, the world can end kind of matters. I'm not asking anybody for extreme nobility, and certainly not this crowd, but it should be rather obvious that mere self-preservation, merely keeping Daddy from lashing out at you at the dinner table, is just not important. And you can just fucking quit.
Veteran Washington reporters tell me that they have never observed this kind of anxiety, regret, and sense of imminent personal doom among White House staffers—not to this degree, anyway. These troubled aides seem to think that they can help their own standing by turning on those around them—and that by retailing information anonymously they will be able to live with themselves after serving a President who has proved so disconnected from the truth and reality.