Thursday, June 22, 2017

When Will Everyone Realize It Just Isn't Going To Work

Jokes on me, because everyone betting it will work probably got rich already, but...

News broke that Chris Lattner, Tesla's vice president of Autopilot software, was leaving Wednesday night — its third Autopilot exec departure in the last seven months.

While not applying specifically to Tesla, one reason I know that it isn't going to work is that almost everyone involved is focused on the hardest application - self-driving taxis. Of course this technology will work to some degree and get a bit better over time. Fixed or semi-fixed route buses would be possible (I question whether they'll be the killer cost-saving "app" people imagine, but they'll work), along with other similar things. But the idea that you snap your fingers and a car appears to whisk you off anywhere is Jetsons stuff.