Monday, July 24, 2017


The bothsides joke isn't that the press always finds Both Sides equally and oppositely culpable, it's that there is no Republican sin without a corresponding Deomcratic one, though the opposite isn't true. The scales are almost always weighted in one direction in all things.

Those of us with long memories remember how, at best, you would find one lonely Clinton defender against 3 or more rabid antagonists during Monica Madness (at best, as often that lonely defender was basically saying, "Well, I'm not sure we should actually have him executed..."). Remember, of course, that the public was against impeachment and Clinton was popular during this time. Or during the Iraq war, when there was a similar dynamic. Or during the Bush administration, when the Republicans/Conservatives were over represented on the Sunday shows because they ran the government, and then during the Obama administration they were over represented because they didn't.

I don't think it's the case that Trump gets good press... I mean, even that would be an effort too far... But there have been about 15 events which for a Democratic president would have inspired a return to Monica Madness (including, as keeps being hinted at, Trump's own Monica, about which I know nothing and I don't really care but who reporters keep dropping clues about), an OJ-level feeding frenzy of endless coverage from which the only conclusion allowed would be "he must be resign."