Monday, July 17, 2017


I actually get opposition to dual citizenship, but the problem is that in the glorious age of Tom Friedman's globalization, the people in charge forgot about the fact that globalization accompanied by severe restrictions on the movement of people (which we like to call Labor, because we are economists, but Labor is made of PEOPLE), creates some problems. While jetsetting around the world hoping to become Tom Friedman's cab driver while on student or temporary visas of some sort, people meet and have babies and fall in love or for whatever reason decide to spend their lives together, and absent dual citizenship that becomes a tricky or fraught practice. Even if green card level permission to be in a country is solid enough, which it isn't in the era of Trump and May, it doesn't necessarily give the flexibility to bring your kids to visit their grandparents in your original country, or whatever. The possibility of dual citizenship is one way to navigate the complications of life created by intercontinental flights and lack of open borders. It's going to be a problem for Dutch citizens post-Brexit...

Dutch nationals who take British citizenship to avoid having to leave the UK after Brexit will be stripped of their Netherlands passports due to existing limits on dual nationality, the Dutch prime minister has said.