Friday, July 28, 2017

Mama I Don't Want To Die

I was too pessimistic about Obamacare. The Medicaid expansion - despite Roberts and the evil Republican governors - was very good. The insurance regulations that applied across the board (coverage, pre-existing conditions, etc.) were very good. The exchanges still suck - private insurance is very expensive and not so fun to have and the subsidies are not generous enough and the magic competition doesn't exist and poor people really wish they were just a bit more poor so they could get that sweet sweet medicaid - but for many people barely affordable shitty insurance is preferable to no insurance at all.

I was also too pessimistic about the politics. I though it would not be enough of an improvement overall to cover for the fact that "Obama" (Democrats) would basically own our whole health care system which still sucks. I think it is, at least in the Medicaid expansion states. The new regulations are good for everyone with employer-based insurance, good enough that they are worth fighting for.

Though the "exchanges" are still the weak link and the Trumpkins are now going to do everything they can to make that link weaker. Most of them are incompetent at evil, but Price is not.