Monday, July 03, 2017

More Important Than The Beach

You might remember that Chris Christie decided not to spend that black man's federal money on a rail tunnel and spent some of it on cocaine and bingo parlors or something instead and then he sorta got back on board with the whole tunnel idea.

TRENTON -- Gov. Chris Christie on Tuesday professed "confidence" that the proposed Gateway Tunnel under the Hudson River will proceed without delays, even though President Trump's most recent budget eliminated a crucial source of funding for it.

"I had a very good conversation last week with (U.S. Transportation) Secretary (Elaine) Chao, said Christie, speaking to reporters at the groundbreaking of renovations at Newark's Liberty International Airport on Tuesday.

"I absolutely believe that we will be partnering with the federal government and the state of New York to build a Gateway Tunnel and that there won't be any delays of our current time frame."

Oh well.

The article says the funding isn't necessarily dead, but...

A lot of transit nerds were sorta happy that the previous tunnel project died because they thought it was flawed (it was!). I suppose only cynics like me were saying "yah, but, that money is probably never coming back..."