Sunday, July 16, 2017

Still Gotta Drive There And The Public Spaces Aren't

Nothing wrong with these "town center" things if people like them! But a shopping mall surrounded by acres of parking lot is still a shopping mall surrounded by acres of parking lot. Without walkable connectivity to the surrounding neighborhoods they're still just that. People like that! But that's what it is. Even the few people who live in some of these things still need a car for almost everything they do.

Of all the words used to describe commercial activity in the regional nexus that is King of Prussia, Linda Iem and Gilda Suncar might have come up with a new one: adorable.

The two women drove from their fashion-industry jobs near the King of Prussia Mall to what has become their regular lunch spot. They walked among shops, restaurants, and apartment complexes as smooth jazz drifted faintly from speakers on lampposts, wooden chairs on a lawn waited for takers, and water leaped in narrow streams from a line of fountains.


The Village at Valley Forge expects about 1,250 housing units to rim its shops and restaurants. Once fully occupied, they could bump up the township’s population 10 to 15 percent.

And... no more. There isn't much way to grow these things. Well, I guess you can get rid of more parking..