Monday, July 10, 2017

Taking Sides

Our "objective media" likes to pretend they don't take sides, but on some issues they do whether they realize it or not. Free trade is always good, whether or not it has anything to do with actual free trade. Entitlements are bad, because "everyone serious" says so. Too many people are on disability, because lazy moochers. America is good and war is good and we are always motivated by good. Okay, those are the dumb things. Also there are some better things, at least in vague terms, like "racism is bad" and "democracy is good" and the corollary of the latter which is "voting is good."

Obviously there's a long history of explicit voter suppression. Literacy tests etc. Those we all agree are Bad. But there's also been decades of sneakier but not exactly hidden voter suppression efforts which are, you know, bothsides, whocansay, thetruthissomewhereinthemiddle.

One problem in the age of Trump is the press is horrible at standing up for itself. It's even worse at standing up for some basic bedrock ideals "we" all claim to sorta believe in. It's a problem.