Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Rich

A standard thing to say about the British upper class/aristocrats is that Americans think they're refined and "nice" and polite (if conservative assholes in their politics), but they're actually crass and cruel. Donald Trumps who sometimes have a bit better education.

A viscount who offered money on Facebook for anyone to run over and kill anti-Brexit campaigner Gina Miller is facing jail after being convicted of sending menacing messages.

Rhodri Philipps, the 4th Viscount St Davids, wrote a message on the social media site just four days after Miller won a landmark high court challenge against the government last year:

“£5,000 for the first person to ‘accidentally’ run over this bloody troublesome first generation immigrant.”

He described Miller as a “fucking boat jumper” and added: “If this is what we should expect from immigrants, send them back to their stinking jungles.”