Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The World's Greatest Collection Of Evil Backstabbing Idiots

What could go wrong?

Even before the latest reports, Mr. Trump’s head-spinning willingness on creating a joint cybersecurity team with Russia fueled criticism. Now people close to the president and to his legal effort are engaged in a circular firing squad, anonymously blaming one another for the decisions of the last few days.

This is from the same article as before, but it's also hilarious. One thing about human group dynamics that I don't get is how evil people manage to tolerate each other. I mean, it isn't as if they don't all know they're backstabbing assholes? "Hey, other backstabbing asshole, want to be my buddy and work with me?" How does that even make sense? I guess they all think they're supergenius Machiavellian alpha males, so they will be King of the Cucks or something. Cuck you, assholes!