Tuesday, July 11, 2017

We All Live In The System

The joke is, "So you say you're a socialist, but you bought something today, didn't you?" Total own!!!

More generally, we all live in this system and I'm not for shaming anyone for buying the wrong product or failing to use the Current Approved List of companies. It would be impossible to do so in any kind of consistent fashion and if you're shaming someone for buying X when you are buying equally bad Y then you are just an asshole.

Similarly, the headline here is bad, making it sound like the MP says *using Uber is morally unacceptable* when she is just saying that she finds the company's practices are morally unacceptable. These are different things. One puts the burden on consumers, the other on the company (and the people who run it) itself.

Having said that, it is, of course, good to personally behave in ethical ways related to your consumer habits, and sometimes targeted boycotts have tremendous PR value even if the specific boycott target isn't necessarily a worse offender than the rest of them. Educate and engage in effective actions, don't shame. None of us can boycott everything, as the list of large companies that don't deserve to be boycotted is probably smaller than the list of companies that do.