Wednesday, July 19, 2017

What Do They Want

I've been thinking about what Republicans want from health care, aside from robbing that black man of his accomplishment. It's important to remember that in the House, especially, a lot of them are not very bright. Also, some of them don't really give a shit so whatever. I'd put the ones who care (again, aside from the Not Obama caucus) in two camps:

1) The genuine fuck the poor, they probably just deserve to die caucus. This is a nontrivial number. Maybe most!

2) The Ayn Rand Will Truly Usher In A Paradise caucus. These are true believers who think that if we just get the guvmint out of everything, we will achieve utopia.

As for 2), their utopia isn't quite like mine. They still believe rich people deserve to be rich and poor people deserve to be poor and to some extent whatchagonnadothatsthewayitoughtabe. But I think some are also dumb enough to believe that The Real Problem facing our health care system is that insurance companies can't sell policies across state lines, or some other horrific regulatory burden, and that if we just get rid of those pesky regulations everything would be great, or at least better. These people are ideologues and dumber than dirt, but they aren't as purely evil as 1).

Evil enough, though, so perhaps this taxonomy is pointless. Anyway, the rest are just lazy or not so lazy grifters.