Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Always Read To The End

The first article I read neglected this bit.

The cars themselves are modified Chevrolet Bolt EVs equipped with sensors and self-driving computers and software, and each also has a safety driver in place behind the wheel for testing and as required by law. Still, Cruise says those drivers have had to take over manual control of vehicles engaged in Cruise Anywhere service only on a few occasions, with the vast majority of the driving done autonomously.

The promo video has passengers entering a car that has no driver, and the driver is deliberately obscured in the driving shots. The PR game is strong.

I think this technology is going to be super neato. You also won't be able to get rid of the drivers, and autonomous cabs, the focus of so much attention, seem like the nuttiest application. There are many reasons, but one is...cabs do things like double park (stand) to pickup and drop off passengers.