Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Something I realized watching my partial (74% I think) eclipse versus the total eclipse (on the teevee) was that they are very different things. Previously when I heard tales of stupid humans who lacked the constant CNN eclipse coverage and completely freaked out when the eclipsed happened, I had the wrong idea. The thing is anybody who experiences a partial eclipse probably is not bothered at all, even if they are not educated by Wolf Blitzer about what it's all about. Mostly because we generally don't look up into the sun and a partial eclipse...really isn't that dramatic. A day might get a bit "cloudy" without actual clouds, but that would barely be noticeable. Even if you looked up at the sun (like King Donald), you wouldn't even really be able to see it.

But the full eclipse isn't a slow eating of the sun by the moon (as people see it), a slow transition from light to shadow to dark.... It's a sudden, short, freakish disappearance of the sun followed by the presence of a wacky glowing fire. The light is there, the light is gone. The sun is there, the sun is covered. It's dramatic. If you experienced it and had no idea what was going on... it'd be really freaky.