Saturday, August 12, 2017

It's Illegal For Black People To Carry Guns

I mean, whatever the law says, if asked my advice, I would tell a black person who was going to carry that they were nuts to do so. I got into a little twitter exchange between a local transit authority cop and someone about whether people could carry guns on our local transit authority system (they can, with the proper permits), and the other person said something like "but what if BLM protestors are carrying?" I didn't try to figure out if the person was trolling or not (certainly might have been), but of course the basic point is that white people can carry guns but black people are considered to be threatening if they do so they can be shot on sight.

And while I wouldn't recommend it, the way to get gun law reform in this country would be for a revival of black people getting open carry permits and carrying them while wearing scary uniforms. It would probably get a lot of them killed, but...