Saturday, August 12, 2017

So What's The Answer

I mistakenly blundered into this topic on the twitterz last night and have received about 400,000 replies about it, so I will mistakenly blunder into this topic on this sucky blog too!

To some degree the 2016 election story is if the butterfly had flapped its wings a minute later, Hillary Clinton would be president. It was close enough that trying to divine "WHY SHE LOST" is a bit dumb, if the question is limited to "why Donald Trump, instead of Hillary Clinton, tripped over the finish line first."

But the bigger question is, why was it even close? I mean, it's Donald fucking Trump. People get mad when this question is asked. It's racism! It's misogyny! It's voter suppression! It's stupid Jill Stein Berniebros! I have no real interest in blaming Hillary Clinton or the Clinton campaign, but, you know, we gotta win the next one. People want to say, well, watchagonnado? Voters are horrible and racist and misogynistic and we're just doomed. We'd have won if not for those meddling kids!

There's a kind of "NOTOURFAULT" fatalism which does not bode well for the next election. If there is absolutely nothing "we" could have done differently - and I don't mean a critique of Clinton's ad spending or other campaign minutiae, but Democrats over the previous 8 years - then... pack it in, I guess? It's Trump's America now?