Thursday, August 10, 2017

The Primary, Man

For most of my time on the Online Left I thought it was pretty much generally accepted that the Democrats were not quite as Good as they should be, and while pragmatism (gotta get elected, gotta raise money, gotta deal with bad apples in your own party, etc...) was acknowledged - and debated - it wasn't especially controversial to say things like "politicians are influenced by big donors and corporate interests more than they should be" even if what to do about that was not always agreed upon.

Now this is apparently a crazy BernieBro view and pointing out that, say, 5000000 emails in a row from the DCCC informing us that we're all going to die unless I contribute $5 to their latest scam, might not actually be a strategy designed to win elections, is just proof that people are employed by Jill Stein and also, too, Russia.

The powers that be are not all Good. Some are better than others. This didn't use to be controversial. That Trump is Bad does not change this.