Sunday, September 24, 2017

And In More Pressing News

I generally disagree with the "don't talk about issue X, issue Y is more important!!!" especially as, you know, this little blog rarely controls the world, but we do have a very pressing issue and far as I can tell the federal government is doing almost nothing (not nothing, but not much).

"There is horror in the streets," San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz said in a raw, emotional interview with The Washington Post. "People are actually becoming prisoners in their own homes."
"Whenever I walk through San Juan," Yulín said, she sees the "sheer pain in people's eyes. . . . They're kind of glazed, not because of what has happened but because of the difficulty of what will come," she said. "I know we're not going to get to everybody in time. . . . Two days ago I said I was concerned about that. Now I know we won't get to everybody in time."
Oscar Santiago, mayor of the northern coastal city of Vega Alta, said many of his community's families refused to evacuate their flooded homes. One little girl was standing barefoot with her family on a roof, which was littered with nails, he said. When he asked her to put on some sandals, she told him: "The hurricane took them."