Thursday, September 07, 2017


If we aren't going to get serious about climate change (we aren't), we'd better get serious about ameliorating its impact. This is not a moral approach - as a rich country we can afford to do what other countries can't - but it is at least a practical one.

...and evacuation is not as practical as people think. Obviously people still have time to evacuate, so not everyone is stampeding out at rush hour on Friday, but highways just don't have the capacity that people think. I don't know anything about the transportation networks around Miami, but one lane of highway can carry about 43,000 cars per day at *peak* capacity. Obviously once congestion hits that number is reduced. Adding more cars means fewer cars move. And of course while an evacuation can be staggered, it won't be "1800 cars per hour per lane in perfect formation" staggered. 650,000 people is a lot.

Over 650,000 residents are affected by the evacuation orders and being told to seek safety in other locations or at a county shelter.

That's before we get into issues of poverty and disability and...