Monday, September 25, 2017

Gotta Know Someone

I know too much relies on one or two of the right GOP members of Congress to have some personal experience which makes them see the light that their cold black hearts previously did not let them see, but the health care thing is a mystery. You gotta be pretty damn richie rich, and have pretty damn good richie rich insurance of the kind that most people with "good" insurance don't have, to not get that there is a big problem with our health care system. Most of these people have to have an old friend (maybe even a facebook friend! it's 2017) or a cousin or brother-in-law or whoever who has had an expensive tangle with our medical system. Sure some of the House Freedom Caucus genuinely believe if only we had FREEDOM then everybody would have cheap medical care, but most of the members of Congress aren't that...ok..not ALL of the members of Congress are that dumb.