Thursday, September 21, 2017

It's Rube Goldberg's World

Years ago back when I had a bit of notoriety (my 15 respectable minutes - even the Colbert show called me though they did not have me on) for my crazy and controversial idea that maybe we could solve our retirement income problem by making Social Security just a bit more generous, I gave a talk at a conference about such issues. And really I was there to suggest the crazy idea that literally everybody else knew was totally true but could not say because of the politics of the issue. Everyone else had all of these ideas for addons and state plans and more savings tax credits and blahblahblah. They all knew it was bullshit, except for the token conservative who was there to pretend these ideas were serious when in fact he just wanted us all to give all of our money to Wall Street thieves (also bullshit, but a different kind). But because everyone knows that Social Security is going to go bankrupt, it was vital to propose alternative expensive complicated plans with additional layers of bureaucracy because is it too early to start drinking?

Keep. It. Simple. Stupid.