Friday, September 08, 2017

Not Their Customer

Few of us are actually the customers of Equifax, and their "customer service line" should be called their "fraud and theft amelioration line." I (as far as I know) never voluntarily entered into any agreement with them. At best I consented to other companies to access my data, which I never voluntarily authorized Equifax to maintain.

Equifax first discovered the vulnerability in late July, though it chose not to publicly announced it until more than a month later. The company was widely criticized for its customer service approach in the aftermath of the hack, as users struggled to understand if their information had been affected. Others expressed frustration that three senior executives sold about $1.7 million in stock in the days following the discovery of the hack. A spokeswoman for Equifax said the men “had no knowledge that an intrusion had occurred at the time.”

Also, don't do anything with their site which at least for awhile was automatically signing you up for binding arbitration and now I believe is letting you "opt out" but, you know, fuck you. This should be an ex-company by tomorrow. They won't be, though, because capitalism or something.