Friday, September 01, 2017

Opioid Crisis is Over!

At least, we can stop talking about it now. This shouldn't just be on the WWC whisperers - hacks are gonna hack - but on all the journalists and editors who supposedly aren't hacks who promoted.

Philly (Kensington) gets attention for being the biggest heroin market in the world or some similar hyperbole. Since people finally realized that "heroin market" means it's a market...meaning, a lot of white people come from outside the city to buy drugs there, it started getting some attention aside from "lock everybody up" (though there's that, too). And that's a good thing, even though it shouldn't have taken the recognition that non-urban whites were also addicts to prompt that. But with Republicans in charge (Hi Jeff Sessions!) and Trump not pretending to care anymore, that trend will probably be reversed.