Thursday, September 28, 2017

The Grey Turtleneck

Once upon a time, back in the deep dark ages of 2004, a local journalist did a tiny profile of me and was kind enough to not reveal my SECRET IDENTITY even though I revealed it myself not long after. We had a brief chat/interview at a bar the night of the DEAN SCREAM. I saw in real time how normal people (me) saw it versus how journalists saw it. Jesse from Pandagon was there, also, too, for you old timers. He was like 13 at the time (ok probably 21).

I wore a grey turtleneck that my high school girlfriend had knitted for me (hi Carol!) because it was really cold that night. So my costumed superhero cape was born.

Jason Fagone was the journalist, and he has a new book out. I have not read it, but he is an excellent writer and you can read this piece about how fucking awful it is to be shot for free! Then buy his book about The Woman Who Smashed Codes.