Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Boring Cat Post

Talking about your pets is boring for most people. I get that. But, hey, it's my blog and I gotta post some stuff so it's gonna be cats.

The brothers have been with me basically since I started the blog. They are old men now! Almost 16! A bit cranky, but surprisingly spry. Their behavior has evolved over the years, though recently they have settled into a pattern.

I have a dumb 4 floor rowhouse. (Basement+3 floors). I actually do work in the basement (cue jokes) these days. It's a nice basement. There is a big TV and a treadmill when I am not lazy.

The brothers get along. They sleep in a pile frequently. But they've also divided up the house. One rarely goes up to the top 2 floors, the other spends a lot of his time there.

The basement cat either spends his time sleeping on his special blanky, or sleeping on my arms as I type (as he is doing now).

The other cat waits in bed (top floor) at night for bedtime. He spends about 15 minutes there wondering why he isn't being petted as I try to sleep. Then he runs down to the basement to fetch a toy and brings it all the way upstairs. And again gets puzzled why I don't pet him (I am sleeping).

During the day the basement cat only goes upstairs to...fetch the toys that the upstairs cat brought up the previous night. When he does this he has a nuclear siren level meow to inform me of this. I do not know how he produces his sound. I don't think he does, either. He is so proud of his nuclear siren.

....I guess any pet post needs a picture. Here are the little assholes when we lived in California.