Thursday, October 26, 2017


The extreme obsession with connections between the Clintons and Weinstein - somehow he morphed into the biggest Democratic donor in history (he wasn't) and Clinton's primary patron (he wasn't) - was a great trick. I don't have a problem with highlighting that there are horrible rich men no what their claimed politics is. It isn't a left/right issue. Of course even as every person remotely on the D side of the aisle was falling all over themselves to condemn Weinstein (genuinely or not, they did it!), the issue become "hurhur liberal hypocrites won't even condemn Weinstein so shutup about Bill O'Reilly!!!"

I bet few elite pundits (sure plenty of lower ranked journalists will - especially women who worked for him - just not Mark's jolly pals) will feel the need to do as they demanded of Clinton for days.