Sunday, October 08, 2017

Fall Fundraising Funstravaganza Day 5

Thanks to all who have given so far!

You might have noticed that there are very few websites on this stupid internet that aren't filled with auto-on ads, popovers, ads which are...covered up by other ads (wtf)...which both cover the text. You start scrolling through the text and then suddenly it autoscrolls the top so that you see yet another ad!. etc. I keep the ads as unobtrusive one can manage these days (occasionally a bad one gets through but that isn't my fault). The ad model is kind of dying, and none of you want to see me pivot to video (though all of the sites doing that are just killing themselves anyway). Even Amazon commissions, which were long quite generous, are a bit less generous than they used to be, though still the best way support the site is to take some of the money you were going to give to Jeff Bezos anyway and give to me by clicking on one of the Amazon links before you shop (it works, no need to worry about whether I'm actually getting credit).

But also if you want to give me some of your New York Times money or your NPR money or you Positano Coast vacation money, you can do that too. And it is much appreciated!