Thursday, October 05, 2017

Look Forward

Blogging during the Bush era was easy. Bush sucks! Blogging during the Obama era was hard. Blogging during the 2016 primary and general election was impossible. Saying bad things about Obama or Bernie or Clinton or even just the Clinton campaign (separate from the person) made people really mad. It still does. And, you know, I get it. Trump is bad! So much worse! But we went from running the table in 2008 to losing everything (progressively, if not entirely linearly) and now Donald Trump is president. Just saying all the voters are racists does not actually fix this, even if it is true.

Obama's conceit was that he could seduce the Republican party and tame all of the Dem "special interests" in Washington. He was wrong on both his diagnosis and the potential for a solution. Dem "special interests" are mostly good and mostly the base of the party. You lose if you go against them, and it is wrong to go against them (they were mostly tamed, but this was bad!). Republicans are horrible and are never going to throw their support behind a Dem president, especially not a black guy named Barack Hussein Obama. Big donors and big business have no loyalty or, in the conception of Funny Uncle Joe, no patriotism. They're looking for the next score. Daily.

Ok I am done with Obama bashing day. I get that it makes some of you mad, dear readers. But to get our Humvee out of this swamp we gotta figure out how we drove into it in the first place. And, well, ...