Thursday, October 05, 2017

Scandals Snowball

Obviously I don't have any real sympathy for any of these people, but once the press chomps on a scandal they keep finding new angles.

NEW YORK (Reuters) - U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry took a chartered jet to Ohio last week, according to an airport management company, the day before fellow Cabinet member Tom Price resigned over his use of private charter flights for government business.

Perry took the private plane from Hazleton Regional Airport in Pennsylvania to the Greater Portsmouth Regional Airport in southern Ohio on Sept. 28, PMH Aviation, the company that runs the Portsmouth airport, said on Wednesday. The purpose of his trip was to visit a uranium facility in Piketon, Ohio, according to the Energy Department.

I'm sure the general point, which is that these assholes are spending a lot of money taking charter flights for no good reason, is true. And I am fine for them all to resign and live a life of humiliation because of it. But this is a news story only because of the other news story. That is, if not for the Price story there would be no Perry story. It's a weird press thing. This one thing is bad, so now we can do another story which is sort of similar and also sorta bad but maybe not quite as bad but we would not have done the story 2 weeks ago.