Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The Great Game

I'm not going lend any support for the idea that George Papadopoulos was just some young volunteer as Gramps wants us to believe, but it is quite clear that most of these people (not Manafort, he knows what he's doing) are completely in over their heads. Must have been heady, thinking you were moving the pieces around the global chess board, being a part of some super powerful inner circle. And he didn't exactly grow up in Northern Virginia surrounded by this stuff. He fell backwards into it somehow. Must have really felt special.

And what kind of dumbass lies to the FBI over easily checkable things? I don't even like the "lying to the FBI is a crime" thing. It pretty much ensures they can prosecute anyone if they really want to. Almost anything can be made to seem like a lie. But George Papadopoulos lied bigly!