Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The Political Internet Is Made Of White Collar Professionals

Not entirely, of course, but who has the time and energy for their hobby to be a news junkie, or comment on the twitters, or otherwise pay attention. It's wrong to assume the dog (on the internet, nobody knows...) you're talking to is financially secure (as anybody is these days), but it's certainly a reasonable guess.

I'm a bit being the annoying white guy who stands up during every panel Q&A and makes the obvious if true point that there isn't enough diversity on the panel. It is good that this point is made, it is a bit weird that it seems to be the same annoying white guy at every panel who does it. Too often it seems like performance more than concern. Anyway, at a different level, making the also obvious point that whether America Is Already Great* depends on who you are talking to, and we don't all talk to the same people.

*This will make people Mad (you are allowed to be Mad!) because it is a dig at Hillary Clinton. And, you know what, it is. This is not about the election. Not everything is about the damn election. It is because shit is fucked up and bullshit and most elite Democrats still think, basically, if people just play by the rules and work hard enough, life will work out pretty well for them. I don't know how much it ever was that way - it was, I think, true for a time for a larger segment of society than it is now - but it certainly is not true now.