Wednesday, November 01, 2017

And Elsewhere

The wave of sexual harassment/assault allegations is rolling over the Tories right now. I haven't been following this super closely, but my understanding is there was a leaked spreadsheet containing a long list of various allegations that had been made about Tory MP behavior. A redacted version is floating around, but of course everybody "in the know" has seen the unredacted version. (There are also allegations about Labour MP behavior, so it isn't just about the Tories, but the spreadsheet seems to have been the spark). Of course it isn't just about the allegations but also "who knew and did nothing" and "who reported them and received no support."

The additional twist is that apparently party Whips have been using whispers of allegations as a cudgel to get the accused to vote how they should! Politics is tough (and gross)!

And bye bye Defence Secretary.

Sir Michael Fallon resigns over behaviour claims

(I'm using "allegations" as just kind of a catch-all term, not as a doubting one).