Friday, November 24, 2017

"As A Father of Daughters..."

This is of course a stupid thing nobody should say, except maybe as a preface to "...I have learned to hate Taylor Swift with the intensity of 10,000 suns," but as a nonparent I often find myself wondering...what the hell is wrong with parents? I always joke that "we do love our children" because this is a special conceit that we have. Families, children, America. If only the Russians loved their children, too, eh Sting (the UK has a sort of similar conceit)? Though of course we do almost nothing to make parenting actually easy. If I had ever decided I wanted children I would have done anything I could to move to Scandinavia or basically anywhere in Europe (except, maybe, the UK, which is also sort of crap though in different ways).

I would expect more of those "fathers of daughters" to be horrified that Roy Moore was cruising the mall for those daughters, even if fatherhood shouldn't be a requirement for such a sentiment. All those conservative dudes love these t-shirts, after all.