Thursday, November 09, 2017

Black Mesa

I didn't always live in Killadelphia. I was moved around a lot when I was a kid. New Mexico was my "home" to the extent that I had one for a long time. My maternal grandmother lived there (my grandfather died when I was too young to know him). My mother grew up there. Black Mesa was a fixture in my life, on the road from Los Alamos to Santa Fe (I think? I guess I don't even know. I just saw it a lot!).

If you do the math you realize my grandparents were in Los Alamos when it was LOS ALAMOS. The secret city. They were building Fat Man and Little Boy. My mother was a little girl at the time, her father was (as I understand it) a jack of all trades handyman.

I haven't been back since the fire. I suppose it's different now. It was a pretty nice small town.

...pretty sure this was her house (google maps). Little Pink Houses.