Monday, November 06, 2017

Brexit Madness

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I think Brexit is dumb, but that's not saying that everything about the EU is Good (though mostly it's the ECB that's Bad and the UK isn't a part of that). Still it's not insane to think that leaving the EU is, on balance, good, or that it could be at least. What is insane is that the people running the UK - and the Brexit process - right now are completely incompetent. They really don't know what they are doing. They don't want to listen to people who tell them "this is going to be hard" even if they follow it up with "but we can figure out how to do this." They want to have all of the benefits of EU membership minus free mobility of persons. They want to treat long term EU residents of the UK like shit while demanding all those UK retirees in Spain are treated well. They have no clue about the rest of it, which is actually the hard stuff. The clock is ticking and in March 2019 everything is going to break and most of the people in the UK are going to have no clue why. And most of the people in the EU won't give a shit, because why should they?