Friday, November 24, 2017

Hey We Found Another Conservative To Profile

I'm not gonna link (cough virgin cough) but one of the not commented enough on things about the New York Times is that it publishes loving profiles of basically every conservative it can find. I don't think "liberal New York journalists and editors" are as liberal as people (and they themselves) think but it's still a weird phenomenon. I forget who said it but someone made the point that the "liberal media" thinks its audience understands liberalism so it publishes the counterargument without ever bothering to publish the liberal argument in the first place. This is the most charitable view of their editorial choices, and I actually think maybe the correct one (not entirely), but it both undercuts liberalism and reinforces the critiques of the liberal media. Liberal arguments are not presented, and "liberal journalists" present conservatives as if they are exotic animals instead of, you know, the people who run the country right now. Also they elevate fringe weirdos who are truly disgusting people.