Monday, November 13, 2017

If Only They Could Find A Way To Attract New Workers

Simple Econ 101 models drive almost all discussion of economic issues except, for some reason, the one which tells us that if there is excess demand for workers then wages should rise until the market clears. For some reason we always just have "worker shortages."

"Trucking is a brutal job. Drivers endure long, tedious stretches where they are inactive but have to stay focused, and they spend weeks at a time away from home. For those and other reasons, the industry’s biggest problem has been the scarcity and turnover of drivers, making it hard to keep up with shipping demand."

It's a crap job that used to pay pretty well. Now it's a crap job that doesn't pay so well. Raise the pay and there will be more takers. Maybe you'll even have to raise the pay a lot! Capitalism sucks!