Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Nobody Knows in the Acela Corridor, Pennsylvania's in the Acela Corridor

This is observation, not complaint, but there are times when I have reason to sympathize with the great mass of flyover country (wherever that actually is these days), over lack of sustained media coverage about anything. The truth is the only places that really get sustained national media coverage are New York and DC. L.A. gets coverage but only as entertainment news. New Jersey (northern) and Connecticut (western) get outsized coverage due to being in the orbit of NYC, and Virginia and Maryland also do because of their proximity to DC. Little ignored Pennsylvania is close to them both but not close enough, but is the 6th largest state with the 6th largest (only because Phoenix is like 10,000 sq. miles) city by population. A governor's race in Maryland will get more national media attention than a governor's race in Pennsylvania. Other states and cities get disproportionate coverage, relative to size, for reasons other than some pretense at geographical representation that I don't quite understand.

For all of the talk of news coverage reflecting the interests of "coastal elites" it's really one coast, and not the whole coast, or even the whole Midatlantic/Northeast. It's NY and DC.