Friday, November 17, 2017

Obama Was Bad

Second term Obama was better. Once upon a time I was on various left wing conspiracy email lists (I am not on any of them now. None. In part because I unsubscribed and in part because this sucky blog doesn't matter anymore.) There isn't anything damning about such things. They weren't any more devious than press talking points. The sad thing about the vast left wing conspiracy is that the left wing is shit at it. But the point is I have no idea what the insider CW is now.

Of course Obama was better than Trump. Of course Clinton would have been. These are dumb talking points. Obama didn't use the power when he had it. I met Obama. A few times. I think Benevolent Dictator Obama is a good guy. Certainly President Obama was better than President McCain and President Romney. But less better than should have been.

When Teh History is written (30 years from now, that's how Teh History works), Obama will be written off as a shit president who blew an historic opportunity. I am sad about that.