Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Power And Visibility

There are probably a lot of men - CEO types of mostly anonymous companies - who have done this and worse. They might never be exposed because they aren't celebrities. It's a bit (just a bit) of a mystery how you can think you can be America's Very Good Boy on teevee 5 days per week and not think this stuff would come out eventually. I mean, I get it, it took this long... there are reasons. But still.

As the co-host of NBC’s “Today,” Matt Lauer once gave a colleague a sex toy as a present. It included an explicit note about how he wanted to use it on her, which left her mortified.

On another day, he summoned a different female employee to his office, and then dropped his pants, showing her his penis. After the employee declined to do anything, visibly shaken, he reprimanded her for not engaging in a sexual act.