Friday, November 24, 2017


Most of us have to deal with aging parents or grandparents eventually. Their problems aren't all the same, of course, but at some point many of them stop being able to care for themselves. It's hard for everyone when people don't live near family. Hard to be aware there is a problem, and then hard to deal with it.

I was pretty young when my grandmother's dementia became clear (I was a teen). My knowledge of how things evolved is incomplete and my memory is imperfect. But the story I remember is that my mom got a call from people my grandmother knew who told her this: There was an awards dinner for the local Red Cross (I think), something my grandmother had been involved with. You know, the usual annual banquet plus hand out an honor to someone. Whoever was hosting gave a little speech and then announced the honoree, and my grandmother (not the actual recipient of the award) marched up on stage and gave her acceptance speech which was probably a bit batty.