Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Problem With Suburban Transit

NIMBYs don't want it in their neighborhood, so the planners move the route so it avoids residential neighborhoods Then they say they don't want to pay for urban horrors like sidewalks so they can't actually get there without driving. Then they demand parking so they can drive to it. Then they complain all the parking will increase traffic congestion. Then they say they don't want it because it won't benefit them, something they made sure of.

They are correct that the project is sorta dumb and would mostly only benefit urban workers doing the reverse commute to the mall (in part, but not entirely, because the transit authority has tried to assuage their objections), but given that most transportation money (including highways) is spent to help suburban workers commute into the city, it's a funny complaint.

I don't like the project either, really, I'd rather take the money and spend it in the city. But that isn't an option, either.

My point is not that the NIMBYS are bad. They have a right to have some say about what happens in their neighborhoods. But this process gets repeated every time there's a major suburban transit proposal. It's best to just give up. They don't want it.