Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Why Dwell In The Past

Why talk about Bush when TRUMP IS THE REAL CONCERN NOW? Well because Bush was really really bad. Trump does dumb tweets and says stupid stuff and Maggie's palace intrigue reporting at the NYT shows what a bunch of dumbasses they are. True. That is, to some degree, worse. They really are dumbasses.

There was no Twitter then, but George Bush also said an immense amount of dumbass things, sometimes with Trump-esque bluster. OK not *quite* as dumbass. That old money patrician upbringing gave him a little bit of a clue, though old money manners are never quite as refined as we are supposed to believe. But the Bush administration was filled with dumbasses in addition to the evil pricks who ran things. They hired a bunch of dumb kids and sent some (not all!) of them to Iraq to destroy the place.

The Republican policy agenda right now isn't any different than the Republican policy agenda then. A bit more id, maybe, but it hasn't even passed yet! The corruption? Katrina, Iraq, the attorney scandal, ... I could go on. Also, you know, Iraq. Torture.

Why bring these things up? Because at some point in the future we will have no President Trump and everyone will sigh a sigh of relief, and say (as they did with George Bush to some extent!) that Trump wasn't a real conservative, that he wasn't a real Republican, that finally we can go back to the glorious world of two responsible parties, the Daddy (yay!) and Mommy (boo!) parties, filled with serious men doing serious things, who care about nothing more than to do good for our country, they just differ about the details. The Republicans will be Good again because the tumor is gone.

And that's bullshit. So stop it everybody.