Saturday, December 23, 2017

Avocado's Number

One of the weirdest "memes" of the olds is how young people are spending all their money on a piece of fruit (avocado) on toast (some sort of grain that is ground and then turned into dough and baked) and this is evidence that they are spending all their moneys on a wasteful thing. Avocados are not expensive. Avocados are not new to mainstream Merica. I ate them when I was a child and I am old. I suppose putting them on toast and charging 6 bucks in Brooklyn is new, but anything on toast costs six bucks in Brooklyn. Eggs are cheap, too, but less cheap if you pay someone to put them on toast for you. I know back on the good old days you could get eggs on toast for 2 bucks in Brooklyn, but now that costs six bucks. I don't think that's because millennials like avocados. Also they are (supposedly) healthy.