Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Dem Fan Fiction

I see a lot of this type of commentary, I hope it is true (and more than a little true), but I'd like to be convinced.

The next Democratic government will focus on the expansion of Medicaid and/or Medicare, ...

I see even prominent Dem types (Obama administration people, Think Tankers, etc) saying things like, "I used to be a moderate, but the Republicans have gone too far this time so now I'm a socialist." This is a caricature, of course, but I don't really get it. Have opinions on desirable policy changed, or was compromise for the sake of compromise really so baked into Dem thinking that they're even stupider than I thought? I get compromise-as-pose (though I suspect people often misunderstood who Obama and some senators are posing for) from politicians, and I get compromise-as-necessity from them, but compromise-as-compromise because...? What the hell.