Monday, December 11, 2017

Get Out

I don't see enough movies, and certainly not in a timely enough fashion, to have Strong Opinions about who should win awards for what. I tend to prefer TV. Movies are short stories and I've never really liked short stories. Once they started making better TV with season long story arcs those shows became novels. I like novels. I just find the 2 hour +/- movie format constraining. Good TV - especially good TV without commercials - is better to me. As a side note, the problem with commercials isn't so much that they interrupt the story. I can deal with that. The problem is they force the writers to write to the format. There's a minor cliffhanger at every commercial break. It's constraining. Without the commercials they can go nuts. You see this if you watch BBC shows on BBC America. The problem with the commercials isn't the commercials, it's that they get inserted in places where there shouldn't be pauses. Writers for commercial television write for those pauses.

But back to movies. Get Out was great. See it if you haven't. If you haven't it's not quite what you probably think it is from some of the promos/criticisms you might have read, which make it seem like it's about how white suburban racists are racist. Duh. It's more complex than that. Also it's funny and it's a horror movie! Though not that scary. You'll be fine.

My favorite scene is at the end, which I'll put after the bump because... SPOILERS!