Friday, December 08, 2017

I Got Mad Online A Lot

We all have our issues. It's wrong to think of a hierarchy of issues. It's a dumb criticism designed to derail any interest in anything But The Most Important Issue. How dare you care about [spins wheel] animal rights when there are homeless people in America? How dare you care about homeless people in America when there are [spins wheel] starving people somewhere else? We focus on the things we know about and think we might be able to influence, whether that involves getting mad online or volunteering. We all have our thing.

I got mad online a lot about the housing crisis. I didn't just get mad online. I tried to do something about it. I have no exaggerated sense of my potential power, but I did try. I went to DC and talked to people. Congresspeople! Senators! I plotted and schemed. I even talked to Obummer once!

The Obama administration response to the financial crisis was very bad. And unlike many things which happened during the Obama administration, the excuses are limited. They couldn't blame Republicans or even Joe Lieberman. They had a big no strings slush fund that they could spend and they didn't even spend it! And people suffered.