Wednesday, December 27, 2017

It's A Bit Unpleasant

I don't fault the workers who are probably paid shit, but there's something a bit... unpleasant about visiting my local theater? I'm not even sure how to explain it. I could point to some of the obvious things - absurdly priced concessions - but it's more than that. And I don't care about the food/drink because I probably wouldn't buy it even if cheap. Also I used to make fun of European theaters because of the ads...and then, well, not too pleased about paying my $14 to watch a bunch of ads.

For most people, going to movies in the theater is more of a hassle than a joy — why sit in an uncomfortable chair and spend upwards of $10 to get a ticket, plus the cost of popcorn and a drink? As the number of shows on television and subscription services surges and home theater systems improve, it takes a lot to get customers to leave their homes.

Though a version of this story is written every year and really the trends in ticket sales aren't that bad.