Saturday, December 16, 2017


I'm getting close to middle age (or am already, whatever). I like nerdstuff. I was never an uber-nerd. I'm not sure I read a comic until I was 35 except the Superman and Batman omnibus volumes my parents bought when I was about 9. But I read the sci-fi and I liked the Star War and the Lords of the Ring and all that.

My big pet peeve is people of my age who try to judge all this stuff from a Serious Critic perspective. I watch all the dumb CW superhero shows. Sometimes they are better than dumb (specifically, the first season of The Flash was really good! Watch that). Usually they're just dumb. Doctor Who has been my favorite thing in life ever since I stumbled across it one Sunday afternoon and Tom Baker turned into Peter Davison and I still haven't recovered.

But even though I still like this stuff... Comeon, I'm 45. I am not the target audience. Serious Critics are not the target audience. Either your kids like them or they don't and that's really the point.