Friday, December 15, 2017

Nice Things

Buying a house is complicated. There are so many things to consider and of course you can't possibly competently consider them all. I got lucky. Not that everything in my house is perfect (the joys of homeownership are neverending), but in various ways the location is a lot better than I knew when I moved in (almost 10 years! time flies). I knew I was pretty close to the subway, which is useful and good, but what I didn't really think about was the bus. I live close to a bus route with frequent service. OK late night and Sunday service is a bit spotty, but otherwise it runs every 10 minutesish. I have a lovely little app on my phone which shows me where the buses are and I can run to the corner and get hyperlooped into Center City, as we call it here in the urban hellhole, in about 7 minutes. It's not that far. I can and do walk sometimes, too.

Personal cars are "freedom" some places but in the city they're a nightmare. You'd have to be nuts to actually drive and park in Center City if you had another option. I love my bus.